Dear Essential Worker, I See You Boo

Hey there beautiful fam. Today is April 23rd, 2020 and I am currently bundled up under my favorite blanket next to my goldendoodle watching the NFL draft on television while my husband is attending an NFL Draft watch party at his family’s house. Why am I not there? Well, because …

How To Trust God In Seasons of Unknown

The Lord does not just desire to be in control, He is in control – whether we like it or not. I can fight for that control or pretend to have a handle on my life, but ultimately God is in the driver’s seat and always will be. I don’t have to search for control. I don’t have to have it all together. I can find incredible freedom in releasing the grip of my worries and trusting that God’s will is in the works. God’s driving record is white as snow – clean, perfect, without fault. He makes no mistakes. I think so many of us often can feel stuck in seasons or areas of unknown. How can we learn to fix our eyes on Jesus in the midst of that? How can we trust God when our worries seem so loud?

Get Back Up and Do It Again

Sometimes this world is going to knock you down. Sometimes life is going to throw you a huge curveball or setback that will feel like a roadblock between you and who God is calling you to be. The devil is waiting around every corner to attack those who are chasing after God with their whole heart – beware of him, sweet friend, and be so ever aware of God’s mighty presence walking with you through every season.

Who Defines The Creation? The Creator, Of Course.

Perfection. Sometimes the devil tries to convince me that I am surrounded by perfection. People living perfect lives, with the perfect hair, perfect boyfriends (or fiances or husbands), perfect bodies, and perfect careers. Perfect beings that I could never in a million years live up to. How does she have …

I Just Don’t Measure Up

I’m starting to learn that life is full of change and transition. The second I think that I may have something figured out, BOOM, time for change. I believe that the Lord makes sure that I am constantly turning to Him and His wisdom instead of my own inner strength and thoughts and He definitely uses the tool of change in order to do just that.