Who Defines The Creation? The Creator, Of Course.

Perfection. Sometimes the devil tries to convince me that I am surrounded by perfection. People living perfect lives, with the perfect hair, perfect boyfriends (or fiances or husbands), perfect bodies, and perfect careers. Perfect beings that I could never in a million years live up to. How does she have …

I Just Don’t Measure Up

I’m starting to learn that life is full of change and transition. The second I think that I may have something figured out, BOOM, time for change. I believe that the Lord makes sure that I am constantly turning to Him and His wisdom instead of my own inner strength and thoughts and He definitely uses the tool of change in order to do just that.

But First, I Need To Unpack

Today, sweet friends, I’m going to get real – life is too short to pretend to be perfect, after all. Freshman Caitlyn had huge dreams. She had passions and ideas and couldn’t wait to get to college and chase after them all. She wanted to run forward with everything she had on that first day in her new home, but she just knew that she couldn’t yet – not without unpacking her stuff.