This is an unpopular opinion.

Or maybe it’s more popular than it appears, but no one is talking about it.

There is a new movement around social media and podcasts – I’m sure you have heard it – the “Dream Chaser” movement. We are flooded with the message of “Goal Getting” and “Pursuing Passion.”

This movement sucked me in at first. Pursue my dreams? Write down and plan to execute my goals? Count me in. I began writing my goals and dreams down daily and began obsessing over making moves to accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish. What would my next step be? What can I do today to make this dream a reality in the future? I became completely engulfed in my own passions, my own desires, my own hustle. I was drowning in plans and goals that I had for myself – and I didn’t even know it.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams. In fact, I think that it is so incredibly admirable to pursue something that the Lord has deliberately laid on your heart. If God has given you a desire or goal and you know that He has placed that desire within you, then it is courageous to pursue that thing despite all doubt. If God has truly placed something on your heart, then there will be doubt because the devil is fighting to darken your light every chance He can. So if God has lead you to do something, do it.

But this was not my case. I had worked up a dream in my mind and just expected the Lord to be on board with it. I had decided to pursue something without any thoughts about how I should pursue it.

I’ve recently unplugged from social media and have felt an overwhelming since of freedom from the thoughts that I should be doing more and pursuing more. I am still chasing my dreams, but I am allowing them to be chased in a way that doesn’t completely destroy my relationships and spirit. I love the idea of chasing our dreams, but I hate the thought of chasing our dreams at all costs.

No dream is worth my relationships. No dream is worth my marriage, my friendships, my family relationships, or my co-worker relationships. I don’t believe that I was placed on this earth to chase after my own goals and dreams. My purpose runs far deeper than that. I was placed on this earth to serve the Lord and to serve others.

It took me unplugging from social media to remember why I am here on this earth. There will always be another dream, another job, another goal. If I lose sight of the One I should be pursuing in the process of chasing after my own selfish ambition, then I will lose sight of the whole point of human life. The devil wants nothing more than for something else to sit on the throne of your heart. He doesn’t really care what or who it is, as long as it’s not God. I’ve got news for you, friend, if you are pursuing your goals more than you are pursuing God, then those goals are sitting on the throne of your heart.

Every time I read something about spending time every morning writing down goals and dreams, it makes my heart hurt a little. Writing dreams down is great and all, but y’all – why not spend those first most precious moments of the day reminding yourself who’s you are and why you are on this earth for real? Why not spend those first few moments of your day with God? Then maybe ask Him to fuel those dreams you may choose to write down?

What if God’s dreams for your life are far bigger and better than you could ever imagine? What if the process in which He reveals His dreams to you requires a bit of humbling first? What if His dreams do not involve pushing away people in your life that seem to be “distracting,” but instead what if His dreams require you to fully embrace every single person He has entrusted to walk along this path of life with you?

All the dream chasing is meaningless if I go at it alone or if I hurt and neglect those closest to me in order to get there.

I encourage you to seek God before you seek your dreams. Seek His ways above your what you think is best. He is chasing you constantly and fervently. May our hearts accept the invitation to chase Him in return.



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