Hey fit fam,

This week has been awesome and killer and all the things – but I did manage to stick to my workout routine (spoiler alert, this will not always be the case). All my workouts form this week can actually be found on YouTube as well, so feel free to give them a try!

Sunday: Gentle Booty and Ab workout from Blogilates (her energy rocks and this was the perfect gentle workout for my Sunday).

Monday: 30 Minute Leg workout by Sydney Cummings (Sydney’s workouts always light my soul and body on fire).

Tuesday: Upper Body by Sydney Cummings (again – huge fan).

Wednesday: 30 minute HIIT by Heather Robertson (she is also a beast who’s channel is super fun because she incorporates music and a timer that helps her workouts tick on by).

Thursday: Yoga and Booty. Yoga With Adrienne is THE BEST YOGA YOU WILL EVER FIND. Seriously. This is not a drill. She is the absolute best and is so down to earth and will make you feel amazing, accomplished, and centered while making you laugh out loud and take a deep breath all at the same time. She rocks. I’m obsessed. Also, added a little booty pump on this day because why not?

Friday: Total Body Workout is usually the Friday move – just in case I miss any other day during the week.

Saturday: On Saturday’s I always choose to do something that I love or something that I’ve been wanting to try. Sometimes I will do a little longer workout (45-60 minutes) instead of my usual 30 minutes. It just depends on what my weekend looks like. This Saturday I went for a 3 mile interval run (meaning that I would sprint for about 15 seconds, jog for one minute, sprint, then jog, etc.) then followed it up with a booty and ab video.

Bailey Brown is another awesome fitness gal who posts some killer short exercises that can be added to the end of any routine for a little extra burn.

That’s my week one workout playlist, fam!

What is your favorite exercise? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it movin’!



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