Hey fam, welcome to the first post of the fitness corner! I have been blindly blazing my own fitness trail for about five years now. My journey began my freshman year of college when I chose to give up my first fitness love – dance. I had danced my entire life and was in desperate need of a new outlet when I went to college. In hopes of not gaining the freshman 15, I began running outside and around campus. Running and listening to music will always be near and dear to my heart. Something about tennis shoes and the pavement, dude. It’s powerful and therapeutic. Running and Jesus brought me through many heartaches, stressful situations, and mental breakdowns – ah, the joys of college.

Although I loved running, I wasn’t really seeing the physical results I wanted to see by running alone (unless I ran 5 miles or more – and let’s be real, that was just not realistic for me). So I gradually began to incorporate body-weight exercises and strength training. I began to transition to exercising at the campus gym – gradually incorporating a few weight machines and HIIT training techniques I had found online. My Mom and I worked with a personal trainer one summer where I learned more strength training techniques and developed a deeper passion for the gym.

Until about a year ago, though, I really struggled with staying consistent. I’m learning that the types of exercises you do are completely irrelevant if you are not consistent in your exercises. Upon graduation from college, I decided to try Beach Body workouts from home in hopes that they would tell me exactly what to do and help me stay consistent. Although they were extremely challenging at first, Beach Body’s workouts (specifically Autumn’s 80 Day Obsession) completely changed my fitness life. I learned the power of exercising every single day and staying committed to something along with thousands of others who are in the pursuit of similar goals. I have recently decided to take a step away from Beach Body’s workouts (in an attempt to save a little cash), and have developed my own exercise routine that is best for me and completely free. This is exactly what I hope to share with you one post at a time in this lil’ fitness corner.

Like I said earlier, my main struggle has always been consistency. I was viewing my workouts as more of a chore instead of a celebration of my body and strength. I was choosing hard workouts all the time instead of finding a balance between challenging and gentle exercise routines. I have been able (with the exception of a few days off here and there) to stick to my new workout routine like it’s my part-time job and that is all thanks to a concept I like to call my workout jam.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to find your workout jam:

  1. Why do I want to move my body?
  2. How long do I want to move my body each day (Yes, every day – even if it’s stretching or a long walk – moving every single day is key to creating a consistent habit of exercise… more on this in a future post)?
  3. What are my favorite types of movements and exercises?
  4. What types of exercises am I open to trying?
  5. What is my favorite exercise setting?

For example, my workout jam looks like this:

I desire to workout each day so that I can be a better spouse, manage my stress, and have more energy. I workout because it is fun and makes me feel strong. I workout because the Lord has gifted me with a body that deserves to be cared for. The more I take care of myself, the better I will be able to take care of others.

I will move my body for at least 30 minutes each day. I enjoy weight-lifting, running, walking, dancing, yoga, HIIT, and pilates. I am open to trying kick-boxing and group classes, but would prefer to workout in the comfort of my home or outdoors.

Once you discover your workout jam, you can build a routine that best fits your “why,” your exercise interests, and your goals. You got this, friend. You are capable of moving your body in a way that brings glory to God and helps you develop inner and outer strength. Your health is an incredible privilege that could be taken away at any moment. Do NOT take it for granted.

I find most of my workouts on YouTube and will be sharing my weekly workout playlists with you every week so that you can see exactly what workouts I did the week prior, how they made me feel, and what direction I’m heading in next. My hope is that sharing this information with you will help you to design an exercise routine that lights your soul on fire and makes you want to do it.

What is your workout jam? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Here’s to joyfully moving the beautiful gift that is your body.



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