“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

If I told you that you could eat one salad each week and lose weight, would you believe me?

Seriously, if I came up to you and said, “Fam, if you eat one salad every Monday for lunch for the next seven weeks, you will definitely get rock solid abs.” Would you believe that statement?

There are so many things that play into losing weight. Eating healthy for one meal each week is not going to get the job done.

What if I told you, “Fam, you know that you only have to talk to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend once a week in order to have a thriving relationship?” Would you believe that?

Of course not. We know that real relationships are built through consistent communication. It would be extremely difficult to remain close in a physical relationship if communication was only occurring once every week (shout out to all the rocking couples who may have to make that work for various reasons).

What we choose to consistently do can either produce growth or act as a deadly poison. The person who consistently exercises every day will see more results than the person who occasionally squeezes a run in. The person who consistently doesn’t text friends back may experience more distance in her friendships than the person who consistently responds to a friend in need (speaking to myself on that one, yikes).

I, Caitlyn Marshall, consistently say yes to too many things. I consistently stress myself out because of this. Sometimes I say no to one thing and then expect to immediately feel less stressed. That’s not how consistency works. If I want to experience less stress consistently, then I have to consistently engage in the habits that help reduce my stress levels – make sense?

If I want to get healthier, then I have to consistently engage in healthy habits.

If I want a stronger friendship, then I have to consistently engage in habits that nourish that friendship.

If I want a stronger relationship with Jesus, then I have to consistently engage in habits that draw me closer to His presence.

Every single morning I start my day with coffee and time with God.

Every. Single. Morning.

When I’m on vacation, when I’m sick, on the weekends, weekdays, Sundays – every day, y’all, I spend time with the Lord. Sometimes my Jesus time is 5 minutes, sometimes it’s 45 minutes, but it’s always there – no matter what.

That consistency in my walk with the Lord has caused my relationship with God to grow. As I spend time reading the bible and digesting the truths of scripture, I am taught more about the one who I am spending that time with. I’m embarrassed to admit that me spending time with Jesus used to be about what I could get from God. Now, that time is all about getting to know my God and drawing closer to Him.

Going to church once each week is an awesome habit, however, I have to warn you (because I love you) – if you are relying on your church attendance to grow you closer to Jesus, then you are only fooling yourself.

We live in a world that says, “Go to church, tell everyone you went to church, volunteer, tell everyone you volunteered, read the good Christian book, post a picture of you with the good Christian book and coffee.” Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these good things, it’s important to recognize that good actions cannot replace our great God. While I believe that The Lord delights in our good works when we do them for His glory, I also believe that Satan delights in our good works when we do them to bring glory and good reputation to ourselves.

Consistently chasing after God and resting in His presence is NOT EASY. Just because something is difficult, though, does not mean that it is impossible. I have recently began to pray for a heart that longs to spend time with Jesus. I can’t grow closer to God on my own. I cannot remain consistent without His help.

I challenge you to turn to the Lord right now. He is waiting to greet you with open arms. He wants a deeper relationship with you, but He is not a forceful God. He gives you the freedom to choose Him, which is what makes that relationship so special.

No one is perfect. We are a bunch of imperfect people trying to figure out this crazy life. But what if we – and all our imperfections – chose to consistently spend time with God? Imagine all the things He could transform through the perspective we would gain by resting in His presence. Just food for thought, sweet friends.

I would love to hear about your relationship with Jesus and how you grow that relationship in the comments below. Everyone’s journey is different and there is power in sharing testimonies.

“Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11



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