Y’all – I had the worst attitude today.

It’s Christmas Eve and I was blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to work today and have tomorrow off. This is my first year adulting, though, and something about having to work through this holiday made me so bitter.

I tried to change my attitude. I tried to make it better. I prayed for a different perspective and praised God for my work, but still I didn’t FEEL any better. I was still salty that I had to work and my attitude was still in the crapper. 

It’s embarrassing actually. It is so humiliating to write down that I was so bitter at work today on Christmas Eve when my job is to bring joy to others. 

Despite the fact that my attitude wasn’t the best today, I powered through, and still wanted to share with you the word God gave me in my quiet time this morning before my feet took me out the door (while my soul gripped the front porch begging not to go).

Christmas is not about vacations. Christmas is not about resting. Being able to vacation and rest over the holidays is a huge blessing for sure, but that’s not what Christmas is about. 

The heart of Christmas is Jesus. The God of the universe sent his only son- our Savior – to enter into this terribly sinful world in the humblest way possible. Laying in a manger, Jesus Christ took his first look into the world and into his mother’s eyes. I like to think that He felt the presence of the souls He would rescue. 

My best friend, Jesus, was born on Christmas Day. I know, I know – His birthday month is up for debate or whatever but my point is that we celebrate the Savior on Christmas Day. His birth and His legacy are the reason for the season. 

Maybe God had me at work today because there were more people there that needed to see the love of my best friend than there were in my empty house. Maybe my residents needed more extra time and love this holiday season than anyone else I could’ve spent my day with. 

You are exactly where you are in this moment for a reason. If you are tired, stand back up and lean on God. There is a reason for your placement in this world. There is a reason why you are where you are right this very second. This season has purpose. Your life has purpose. Living day by day is what creates your life. Bring glory to Jesus in this day.

I’m sorry for my attitude today, Lord. Forgive me for losing sight of the true meaning to this beautiful season. You are so good to me. Happy (almost birthday)! 



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